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“We Strengthen Families Through Adoption”

Our Story

When we got married, Richard instantly became the stepfather to my five year-old son.  It was a tremendous act of love and courage for Richard to take on such a serious responsibility.  But Richard wanted to be more than a stepfather.  He wanted to be my son's loving and permanent Dad.  We both dreamed of creating a strong family where each child felt equally accepted and loved.  We also wanted to ensure that my son could never be taken away from our family.  Eventually we found a legal binding way to make that happen: stepparent adoption.

We will never forget the day that we finalized our adoption.  As we left the courthouse,  we were overcome with feelings of joy and gratitude.  We had secured a permanent family relationship: “my son” was now “our son” legally, lawfully and forever.

Thirty years later our son still proudly calls my husband “Dad.” He has been a wonderful friend and mentor to his younger brother. Our family is strong and secure because of adoption.

We are passionate about adoption because of what it has done for our family and all the other families we have helped.  We want every family to have the opportunity to become a strong, forever family.  Let us help you strengthen your family though adoption.

What We Do

Over 300,000 children in New York City are being raised by a relative other than the child's birth parents. Are you  a stepparent or a family that wants to be a parent to a child that you love? We can help turn your dream into reality through adoption.

At Slawson & Slawson, we strengthen families through relative/kinship adoptions and stepparent adoptions. If you, a family member or members in your community are concerned about the permanent care of a younger sibling, grandchild, niece, nephew, cousin, or stepchild, we can help you form strong and stable families through adoption.

An adoption can be a deeply spiritual experience for all who are involved. We believe strong families are the foundation of a better and brighter tomorrow for all of us.

New York City Adoption Attorneys

Karen V. Slawson, Esq.          Richard J. Slawson, Esq.

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Let Slawson & Slawson help your special child secure the nurturing family that he or she deserves. Please contact us at 212-537-9190 or at